Human Anatomy

The Most Important Medical Discovery

Here are major medical breakthroughs that have changed not just the face of medicine but also the world we live in.


The first antibiotic discovered was penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928. As a result, scientists have been able to nearly eliminate numerous diseases caused by bacteria.


A weakened or dead organism that is responsible for a disease or condition is administered to an individual.

MRI Scanners

MRI scans are generally being safer than X-rays and also frequently able to show issues that other forms of imaging cannot. MRIs have been around since about 1980.


In 1921 Frederick Banting & Charles H. Best discovered insulin when they found that injecting a dog with a hormone in the pancreas lowered blood sugar levels.

Medical Figures

The life and works of various famous medical scientists from all over the world.


Alexander Fleming


Frederick Banting


Louis Pasteur


Robert Koch


Health and Medical News

Technology and medicine have gone hand and hand for many years. Consistent advances in pharmaceuticals and the medical field have saved millions of lives and improved many others.

For 2019, all winning hospitals were revealed during a night of celebration at the Gala Night at Hospital Management Asia on 12 September 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

With at least 600,000 people worldwide killed or permanently disabled each year, snakebites are the biggest public health crisis that no one has heard of.

A team of Israeli scientists belonging to a company called the Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi) have claimed to be at a stage where they can find a cure for cancer within a year. The therapy is being developed under the leadership of the CEO of AEBi, Dr. Ilan Morad.

Cannabis is the most widely used recreational drug worldwide, with many variants that have been used both medicinally in the treatment or management of various diseases, including chronic pain, as well as being used recreationally to achieve a high.

Huntington's disease is a genetically inherited neurodegenerative disorder caused by an autosomal dominant mutation in the huntingtin gene resulting in a trinucleotide (CAG) repeat expansion with over 40 repeats.

Hispanic and Latino people exposed to pesticides in the workplace had increased risk for heart disease compared to those who didn't work with the chemicals.

That persistent tickle in your throat doesn't usually mean you're still sick. Here's why cold symptoms can stick around after our bodies have fought off the illness.

Osteoarthritis is divided into 5 stages. Stage 0 is assigned to a normal, healthy knee. The highest stage, 4, is assigned to severe OA. OA that has become this advanced is likely to cause significant pain and disrupt joint movement.